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Training A Blind and Deaf Dog Is What Amanda Devoted Her Time To Do For This Wonderful Australian Shepherd

Training a dog, the basics, like stay, sit, fetch, and spin can be a challenging task. What about if you couldn’t use any verbal or hand expressions?

Calamity, a two years old Australian shepherd, lives in Maryland with her mum. Surprisingly, she was able to learn the necessary commands dogs should during training and even some fantastic tricks but learned them with no vision or hearing sense.

Her mother, Amanda Fuller, was crushed when she saw her born deaf and later couldn’t see anymore. But the dog never allowed it to deprive her of anything.

Calamity was born deaf, and a year later, she lost her sight. Her mom, Amanda Fuller, was devastated when the sweet pup went blind, but Calamity did not let it slow her down.

Amanda Fuller

Born from merle parents, Calamity is a simple, beautiful merle dog, which explains that she has more lightening effects on her coat. Due to their lack of pigment, merle dogs can either be blind or deaf in some instances, both.

Despite her disability, she is like any other dog out there. She understands specific commands given to her. If she wants to play outside, she sits by the door. She has toys she plays with, too, and also spends time with other dogs.

She engages in some other activities like any other dog out there. But the only difference is just her disability.

Amanda learned that she could interact and also show her some fantastic tricks using touch cues. It took them quite some time to discover this new trick, and upon finding it, she’s been living like she always had it.

Keller & Calamity The Deaf Double Merle Duo

A video was posted, revealing the dog doing some fantastic tricks and jumping into the arms of her mother. Amanda, in the video, also indicated how easy it is to help the dog learn new skills.

The touch replaces the hand and verbal expressions. Then Calamity is giving treats too for fantastic work done.

To Amanda’s amazement, there are certain tricks they were able to discover during training that to her surprise they were able to do. Like an off-leash rally.

Her mother intends to show her more cues and some far from her. She wrote that dogs with different kinds of needs are in existence and are very intelligent and fast enough to learn. They, like any other dog, deserves an opportunity also to have fun.

Amanda stated that dogs adapt as quickly as humans do and very different in their way.

She currently has two merle dogs, who, due to their lack of pigment, are both deaf and blind in addition. Keller, her other sibling, is just deaf.

Amanda decided to organize a non-profit organization to help other dogs like these, to train, rescue, and enlighten people about them. She desires to inspire others also to do the same.

The video below shows some of Calamity’s amazing tricks, kindly share after watching.

Video: Keller’s Cause

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