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How to Groom Your Dog – Tips, Cost and More.

We all love to cuddle our dogs, no doubt! But I bet there will be at least one person who will not know much about how to groom his dog. This article on how to groom your dog is just for you.

Benefits of Grooming Your Dog

To groom your dog successfully you will definitely need some patience. And this is an opportunity to even strengthen the bond you have with your dog.

In as much as your dog trusts you with everything, making sure you have a solid foundation is imperative before you start to groom your dog.

Dr. Neil Marrinan, a vet from Old Lyme Veterinary Hospital, stated that your dog looks at the honesty of your behavior as you groom him. This means that as you continue to home groom your dog, it has to be consistent and come with rewards. 

You should adhere to a good and persistent system, allowing your dog to be comfortable and getting used to the grooming. You’ll be putting 90% more effort into making your dog feel pleased with the grooming, which is just 10%.

Understand that the moment your dog notices that you are nervous, he will also become agitated and either become aggressive or run away. Don’t push to hard if your dog isn’t ready for you to brush his fur. Rather, be patient, and try again later. Speak to your vet on the recommended brush for your pet’s coat. 

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How to Groom Your Dog: Brushing and Bathing Your Dog

Do not rush to process, take step by step until it finally becomes a routine your pet is used to. Frequent brushing can be a stepping stone for excellent grooming. 

Brushing helps to keep your pet very neat and presentable; you should avoid regular or too much bathing of your dog. Before you give your dog a good bath, make sure to brush out all the dirt. Do not brush your dog in the same bathtub you’ll bath him.

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An experienced Groomer, Ray Trusting, recommends using a slick, metal pin brush to able to brush and eliminate all dirt thoroughly. For dogs with short hairs, it is preferable to use a shedding blade. Importantly, make sure that your dog is standing instead of lying down as you do the grooming. 

Ensure that you get the best quality shampoo to bathe your dog. Cheap ones contain harsh substances harmful to your dog’s coat. It is also better to dilute the shampoo whiles using it to help you rinse quickly. 

After brushing and giving your nice dog bath, you can also give you’re a good trim. Before you provide your dog trim, ensure that you get the right equipment for the trim. You can use a good shear or clippers and a grooming table to give your dog a good and safe trim. 

Make sure that your dog is dry before starting the trim and use the tip of the shears to trim their feet, tail, and face. This way, in case your dog makes a sudden move, you won’t cut him. If you are trimming around the ears, make sure you use your hand as a guide on the edges, so you know you are only trimming the hair. 

Photo by Autri Taheri on Unsplash

If your pet’s hair is entangled, do not use scissors to cut it, instead use clippers.

Also, make sure that there are no distractions around whiles trimming your dog. Start cutting around the neck and move gently down the body.

Exercise caution whiles trimming around the underarms, hocks, stifle, and skin. Make sure that you use quality and excellent blades like No 10 for areas like the underarms, face, or any other private area. Also, inspect the blade for too much heat as it can lead to burns on their skin. 

If you are not sure about trimming your pet in the house, then contact a professional to help in the grooming process. Speak to your vet to give you recommendations on the best grooming house for your pet. 

How to Groom Your Dog: Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

In the case of nail trimming, we would advise you to contact a professional, but if you desire and feel confident, you can proceed but take precautions. In cases where you wish to use clippers or nail grinders, first make your pet get used to the noise of the equipment. For dogs with white nails, clip gently, till you see a quick spot, whiles for pet’s with black nails, gently cut till you get till you see a solid black dot. 

Avoid using dull clippers and don’t rush the clipping process. If you are using a nail grinder halt when you are about getting to the quick. Use a styptic powder like kwik to halt any bleeding

Before you start grooming your pet. Get the following equipment:

  • A comb, brush or shedding blade (depending on your dog’s coat)
  • A grooming table with a grooming arm to secure your dog to (never leave your dog around the table)
  • Grooming clippers (a No. 10 blade to avoid cutting the skin)
  • Clipper and blade coolant
  • Grooming shears
  • Nail clippers or a grinder
  • Styptic powder (in case of nail bleeding)


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How Much Does It Cost to Groom Your Dog in Professional Salons?

The good news is that there are countless places to get your dog groomed! Some are huge companies, and others are smaller independent businesses. Grooming companies have their own price lists, but all of them are roughly within the same price range for their services. Of course, the kind of service you need for your pet determines the price. 

The age and breed of your dog is also another factor that determines the price. The grooming companies also look at the behavior of your dog and the amount of work that’s required to groom your pet. For instance, very active dogs take longer to groom. Dogs that have longer coats or are difficult to control will be more expensive to groom. 

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

A continuous grooming routine at home will help you save some money from the amount of money you’ll be charged from the occasional professional grooming. As you can imagine, a pet that is well taken care of is less of a hassle to groom than a pet who’s has been neglected. Frequent baths and brushing of your dog’s coat will make the grooming process easier for the groomers, and possibly cheaper too! 

You can find professional groomers and their price range on several websites. They compile information from groomers and their clients together with prices, the different breeds serviced, and areas served. Here is a list of some of the better websites:

Angie’s List

With Angie’s List vendors, the average groom will cost you from $30 to 90$. Of course, the age and breed of your dog is a price determinant. 

They surveyed users in 2014, and the final results revealed that the average grooming cost for a dog was $53.

You will be able to get more detailed information on prices for grooming on this site, with the price determinant being the size of breed and hair type. Smaller dogs with short hair and small sizes like Pomeranians and Maltese will cost about $30 to $50. Grooming for intermediate-sized breeds like golden retrievers, collies, and labs are around $50 to $70.

Grooming for larger breeds will cost about $70 to $90. Some services like bathing your dog would be a little less than regular grooming.

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels, unlike other websites, gives you price ranges on different groomers and their services. They also give you a wide range of services to select from. 

A reasonable dog bath cost about $23 to $65, with a natural shampoo, nail trimming, blow-dry, ear cleaning, and spritz. Grooming with a wash and a haircut will be about $52 to $91

There are groomers on this site that also provide puppy baths, with added services like ear cleaning, brushing, nail trim, blow-drying, and hair trim. This costs about $15 to $23 for under-40 pounds and up to six-month-old puppies. 

Additional services include flea and tick removal ($6-$8), shaves, nails, re-moisturizing/oil treatments ($12- $20), scissoring ($6-$16), and medicated baths ($6-$14). The groomers also give pet spa treatments with prices from $6 to $28. 

The size and breed of the dog determine the cost. 

Grooming Dogs at PetSmart or Petco

PetSmart and Petco offer varied services that come at different prices. They can give you a dog bath with an essential shampoo, oxygen-infused wash, and blow-dry. Add to that a nail trim, scissoring, pad shaving, ear cleaning, anal gland cleaning, and 15-minute brushing added. The cost for essential baths is dependent on the breed of the dog and range from $17 to $45.

PetSmart gives you a complete wash with de-matting, a haircut, and 15-minute brushing. Their grooming prices range from $30 to $87, which, again, depends on your dog’s breed. Puppy baths are equivalent to regular big-dog baths. Plus, they give you a bandana or bow for your cute puppy. You can buy a package that includes a haircut, 15-minute brushing, and de-matting. 

PetSmart also has some added services like deodorizing, premium shampoos and flea, and tick relief. 

Photo by Charles Roth from Pexels

This website specializes in mobile grooming services. This simply means that a groomer comes to your house to take care of your pet. They bring all their own tools and provide similar services as in salons. shows that for excellent mobile grooming, your bill should be around $30 to $100.

Cost factors include your location, age of your dog, hair type, size, and the type of service you need. Each groomer’s rates are slightly different. Sometimes there is a convenience fee of about $10 to $15.

Even though mobile dog grooming is a little more expensive, the convenience can be a lifesaver. It’s up to you to weigh price versus ease, then decide which is more critical for you. 


It is advisable to tip your groomer. Were the services and communication from your groomer excellent? You can provide an appreciation tip of about 15 to 20 percent of what you are charged, or maybe $5 – $10. 

You can also give $15 or 30% of your payment as an “extra mile” or “special circumstances” tip. This should be o given in an instance where your dog was stubborn or made a mess during the grooming process. Other factors like a neglected coat or aggressive behavior should prompt you to be more generous with your tip.

Though it may not seem as much, tipping is essential, as it shows an appreciation to the groomer for excellent work. Although grooming your dog may be expensive, it is worth it to keep your dog healthy and happy. 

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