This Cute Dog Walks 4 Miles To Town Just To Cheer Everyone Up

No one can light up your day better than our cute dogs.

Bruno’s kindness is on a different level as compared to others.

Most dogs love to go on long walks and have little adventurous trips, but Bruno is different. This Chesapeake lab mix decided to make a significant impact on people’s lives. He gets out every day from his house in Longville, Minnesota, to take a 4-mile walk greeting everybody on the way. And for the past 16 years, he has dedicated himself to doing this.

The society and community around Bruno hails him as a hero dog. One of the residents around Sharon Rouse reported to KARE11 TV that everybody in the neighborhood knows Bruno. They may not be able to identify everyone in the community, but for Bruno, they will.

When Bruno was a tiny puppy, he has been a wanderer. Surprisingly, that’s even how he got connected with his family. Larry LaVallee, his owner, reported how they met, saying that a man approached him in his driveway, informing him that his dog was out in the driveway. But Larry didn’t have a dog at that time. Taking a look at Bruno; he just couldn’t resist the dog and started the adoption process immediately.

After adopting Bruno, Larry wanted to stop him from continuing his salutations, thinking it might be dangerous and considering the safety of Bruno. Unfortunately, he couldn’t, so he gave up and allowed the dog to continue his daily greetings.

It’s no surprise the whole town knows him. He had some specific places he always visits, like the ice cream shop, grocery stores, sometimes visited the library, offices, and even the town halls. And anytime he came around, you can find individuals giving different gifts just to thank him and also light up his day. Patrick Moran, one of the estate office owners, indicated that he is their best friend, and they always look out for him in any way they can. He also reported that Bruno came into his office and stayed with him for close to 2 hours.

Bruno is so much adored by society. They even decided to give him the name of the ambassador of the city and build a statue for him. One of the locals reported that he is also friendly that most of the individuals in the community. He is just a fantastic dog.

Video: KARE 11

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