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Tex Gilligan Praises The Dog That Shot Him

74-year-old Tex Gilligan was in a peaceful mood when he finally got healed in a hospital in Texas. He got shot during his hunting period in Mexico which landed him in the hospital

He reckoned being shot by a random sniper since he was alone in the woods. The bullet came from behind him as he was sitting in the driver’s seat. Bearing three broken ribs, a pierced lung and his shoulder broke. Thankfully, the bullet didn’t hit any vital part of his body. On a good day, whenever he goes hunting, he always drops his phone, but the rainy weather made him extra careful.

To his surprise, the sniper, he thought, shot him, was Charlie, one of the dogs he took with him for his hunting. Charlie is a 120-pound mixed Rottweiler.

Gilligan reported to ABC News, how the bullet went passed through his lungs and crashed the collarbone on his right. He has a goggling hole and lay in lots of blood.

Tex Gilligan via

Since he was the only one in the woods, he thought it was a sole gunman that did that to him.

Thanks to the county sheriff whose investigations helped him to clear that thought, who told him his dog did the act. Sadly, the gun is in such a way whereby the barrel was pointing directly at his sit. He was told that the incident an accidental shooting.

Mark’s son had to give the sheriff and his deputies appreciation because if they hadn’t arrived on time, he would have lost his father. His father always takes their three dogs, Cowboy, Scooby, and Charlie, for hunting around Las Cruces.
The fast action of the police has saved his life.

Mark accounts for his father’s love for his dogs; he even calls them his boys and also spoils them in different ways.

So forgiving Charlie for the crime was not a huge task for him.

He’s a brilliant dog, and he had no intention of harming him.

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