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Stubborn Corgi Refuses to Accept The Park Is Closed.

Never ever try to out stubborn a Corgi!

Every dog has their favorite activity, for some, it is swimming for others it is running and playing with other dogs. Waffles like any other dog, loves to enjoy time at the park and play with his favorite toys.

Michaella Sena, his mom, could tell how much joy the sound of ‘park’ or ‘ball’ would get him super excited. He could bark and until begged to stop until he hears someone in the house mention any of those words again. Immediately a ball or a park is mention; they have no option but to take him there to spend time. If not, there wouldn’t be peace in the house.

Michaella Sena

He always keeps his paws crossed, waiting for an opportunity to walk down to the park. Recently, his dad took him to the park, but after getting there, he realized that it had been closed for an event since it was a holiday. He tried explaining to the dog, that spending time at the park that day won’t be possible since it had been closed down, but that was not convincing enough for Waffle to return home. For he had already been told that he was going to have fun at the park.

Waffles decided not to move an inch until his request be granted. To him, it was either the park or nowhere else. Stubborn Waffle had made up his mind that nothing was going to change it.

Fortunately for him, his dad couldn’t say no any longer, looking at the face of the dog, melted him so much, he had to give in to the request of Waffles.
Michaella Sena

While making the video, he warned him that if they got into trouble, it would be Waffles’ fault. Which he later showed the video to Sena.

They jumped into the park without being noticed. Well, they did break the rules, but it was to make Waffles happy since he couldn’t take no for an answer. Everything went on perfectly until they were almost locked in the park.

They decided to take a turn back and realized a woman was locking the gate. They had to quickly sneak out through the other gate where the workers parked their cars.

Image by Elena Rogulina from Pixabay

To Waffles, he never cared about that, but rather had so much fun in the whole process. He wished he could even spend more time at the park. He got his dream come true.

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