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This Awesome Labrador Has A Special ‘Thing’ for The Fall Season

You probably might have noticed a clip of Stella, an English Labrador retriever on your social media feeds, indeed it is a welcoming video. This energetic retriever is very passionate about the seasons, but not like the joy she gets from Fall. The retriever is just a five-month-old puppy; her energetic leaps into the leaves during this season has been gaining her a lot of followers on her Instagram account.

The retriever, like some others, loves to play in the water, loves to enjoy different water bodies, jump in them, and have fun playing. But is extremely happy when the trees are fresh in its Fall and drops them for her to play. And with her bumblebee costume, she looks simply amazing. 

There isn’t an inch of doubt that when watching her videos, you won’t be happy.


In another video (at the end of this article), she appears as the autumn queen she is. 

Pumpkin Picking!

Another fantastic thing to do with your pet in the Fall is Pumpkin picking.

You’ll get a dog-friendly pumpkin group. The internet would help you get that. Everyone loves to showcase their pets, so it would be fun and amazing to have you take a picture while pumpkin picking or have a shot of the dog only. 

Costumes and Parties

It is clear enough that dog lovers have a lot of mixed emotions about a pumpkin patch. Most of you appreciate it, and some don’t show much appreciation. But most costumes are not in any way unique from the sweater you give to your dog to prevent the dog from feeling cold. Some localities have locations that are Halloween friendly to dogs. As long as the dog is comfy enough to jump around freely, the dog can have a fantastic time as any human would. Leaving your pet neglected in a Halloween costume is not advisable. 

Video: Dog Named Stella

Do some hiking!

The beautiful frosty weather is perfect for a brisk walk outside, whether your pet will appreciate no matter the places you visit. Choosing an area that does not only suit your interest in fitness levels but also suits your dog is the right way to go. Take along with you water, treats, few bags to tidy up, and for the safety of your pet, keep the dog leashed.

Thanks to our friends at lifewithdogs for posting the original article.

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