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So Hard For This Pup To Say Good Bye To His Best Friend

Over the years, dogs have always proven the statement “A Dog is the Best friend to a Man”. Dogs show incredible affection and a strong bond between them and their owners.

Most dog owners understand the excitement and joy that comes with being with or owning a dog. You might find yourself worried after you lose them.

The amount of loving your pet showers you every time makes you feel like never wanting them to go. It is just a beautiful experience.

Pets do more than just becoming a best friend; they go as far as becoming family. They always want to be with you and do not want anything less.

Just like the way naturally, we feel very downhearted anytime we lose someone close to us, they also feel the same way.

This is the same instance with a Collie, Dalmatian Shepard mix dog, who recently lost one of her family.

Joining the Beaulieu family at just eight weeks old, the Collie and Dalmatian mix has been appreciative and loyal to this family.

But sadly, a heart attack claimed the life of one of her parents, his best friend, the husband to Mrs. Julia Beaulieu.

Julia accounted for how the pup felt brokenhearted; she would use her hand and push his head to react or play with her. She is broken.

The death of a person, especially one you love, is not an easy thing to take in. Even those who have a reliable system to help deal with it.

Mrs. Beaulieu became very worried as the pup couldn’t stop grieving. She lost the desire for food, and her weight dropped by 10 pounds, which is very bad for a dog within such a short period.

Although Julia was going through a lot of grieving, she understood why Sadie was grieving like that. She accounted that Sadie would stay by the window side waiting to hear his truck and lay there for a long time, desiring he returns to her.

Image by changenow from Pixabay

So Julia took it upon herself to take Sadie to the funeral of her late husband and allow her to say a proper farewell since they both needed it.
Julia accounted, watching Sadie stand on her hind leg peeping into the casket. To Julia’s surprise, Sadie suddenly became calm.

After feeling a little close to her lost parent, Sadie returned to her usual self and also went back to healthy eating. She’s happy she has been able to grieve better.

The CEO of Element’s Cremation, Jeremy May, a funeral planning and organization company, accounted that “aside to the fact that the dogs’ reaction was inspiring to everyone, it also revealed how deep the affection and bond between humans and dogs is. This too is a lesson for him.

He also took photos of the reaction, proving and showing to the world out there, how dogs do care about us.

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