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Snowboarding Dad And Dog Race Down A Mountain

During these tough times, exciting snowboarding stories like these are some of what we need to help us get through!

Ali Coletta has always yearned for someone to enjoy her adventures with. Amazingly, she got engaged to Nick (Nick loves snowboarding), and life began to look perfect like she wanted.

Until one day, she realized that there was still a void that needed to be filled. Something was missing! Something had to be added to her life’s equation to make it 100% perfect.
Indeed, just like you are thinking, it was a dog. Coletta figured out that getting a dog at home would make her home the complete home she always wanted.

Coletta got to that point where she made slideshows on PowerPoint on reasons why they needed a pup at home.

Finally, she got what she wanted, a Golden Retriever named Stella.

Stella is the perfect blend of diva and goofball. Sometimes she lays very quietly and the next moment she tries to be the boss of the house. Coletta and Stella enjoy hiking, riding the half-pipe and swimming.

This brave puppy enjoys going with her dad anywhere he decides to go and is always ready for a fantastic adventure. Her love for adventures became more apparent when the family decided to go on a ski trip. Due to the pandemic in the world now, COVID-19, their vacation did not last as they wanted. Still, their last days was worth it, as they climbed up to the park region of the mountain for an enjoyable last ride.

Yes! Stella also climbed up the mountain so she could also have a feel of the snow at the top. And to their surprise, they couldn’t just believe this with their eyes. Stella couldn’t let him enjoy all the fun, she wasn’t ready to wait for him to return, she needed to taste the pleasure too.

You can watch an amazing video here.

Immediately her father started snowboarding downhill, she jumped right into the snow, moving at the pace of her dad, to any direction he went. Coletta, looking astounded, admitted that they knew she loved the snow, but never anticipated that she would jump along.

Her love for the snow is simply heartwarming, and she felt she had found her purpose.
Coletta added that, if Stella loves to stay at the balcony and enjoys the cold that comes with it. This could probably be the reason she enjoys snowboarding.

Her parents couldn’t express the joy they have with her always keeping them company, and having as much fun as she desires.

They simply can’t imagine how life would be without her in their home, she is indeed the missing part the family needed to be complete. Coletta added that she is a bada** is just the perfect icing on the cake.

You can watch another amazing video here.

Thanks to this retriever, the Colettas count every moment as an adventure.

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