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Adorable! Shelter Dog Unsuccessfully Tries To Escape.

A 9 month old Chihuahua called Pearl was brought to the Denver Animal Shelter. Pearl is yet another shelter dog that is a victim of animal rejection. Pearl and become shelter dogs.

She was brought to the shelter on Val’s day. Even though she looks smallish and elegant, she is rather reserved and not sociable.

Jill Brown, the manager in charge of partnerships with the community, mentioned that she isn’t friendly with anyone.

Brown narrated how they put up a sign on her kennel to attract treats from passers-by.

Jill Brown (Via thedodo)

The sign which they posted read “I am practicing greeting the front of my kennel with more confidence. Please toss me a treat when you walk by!”

The initiative worked out in no time! To the extent that Pearl now had the confidence to explore new environments.

The workers at the shelter were shocked when they found Pearl trying to climb out of her enclosure. But she’s not a pro at it, unfortunately! Her inexperience took the better part of her and she found herself stuck at the top of her kennel.

Jill Brown (Via thedodo)

And that was a message loud enough to inform the shelter that she was ready to be in a loving home. Paws on the Ground in Colorado has taken her in and she still climbs gates to the amusement of everyone.

Brown indicated that now she’s happy in her new home, and they are making preparations to post her on their website for parents out there who will love to adopt her.


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