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Shelter Dog Named Prince Insists On Royal Treatment Before Going to Bed.

The volunteers and trainers at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, are training Prince, a 5-month-old puppy. He was adorable and very good with his training. He listens and smartly learns what he sees his trainer teach. But when it is bedtime, he wants them to pet him to bed.

Prince came in from a shelter in New York, and since his arrival, he always desires to be tucked into bed when it’s time to sleep. Most people find it shocking. Pit bulls are incredibly emotional and also very sensitive to things.

“When the shelter closes at night, immediately someone enters his kennel and presents a toy to him, he jumps into his bed and patiently waits for the person to tuck him in.” the spokesperson for Mohawk Hudson Society states in an interview with

The spokesperson further explained that he could get very anxious sometimes. But immediately he is tucked in with a thick cloth, he becomes steady, and it fixes him into the environment better.

When Prince first got to the shelter, he was scared. He rolled up like a ball and went back, hiding at the back of his kennel. As the shelter workers started helping him out and training him, he finally gathered courage and came out.

Prince returned to the shelter in April. His Handler, being unable to handle him well, gave him out to his girlfriend. But Prince being frightened, slid from his collar and sped off. The staff tried to get to her but unfortunately couldn’t.
When he came back to the shelter, they tried calling her again, to see if she’ll come pick him up, but she refused.
They are not searching for a home for him to live him; they also dedicated the last few months teaching some fundamental commands like sit.
He is very adorable and obedient.

The workers of the shelter have been bringing him out to the world and also showered him all the love he deserves, and he does well in returning it. He is brilliant and comports himself around people.

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Pearson, one of the staff, indicated that Prince would be very much comfortable as a pet, when he is the only pet in the family, and also get to understand his family better. His personality is simply amazing.

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