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Monday Mornings Are As Dreadful To Us As Is To This Scottish Dog

Twitter experienced another hilarious incident of another Scottish dog.

People on social media can relate to his desire of forever remaining in his bed.

In the video, the owner pleads with the dog to stand up, and go for a walk.

Not even when his owner used food to plead with him to get out of his bed. The Scottish Dog, Malcolm, seems to be enjoying the comfort of his bed, very well.

The video, which currently has more than 260,000 views, shows Mhairi-Louse Brennan videoing her dog sweet-talking the dog to get out of the bed.

Video: BrightMedia

In a report made by the American Kennel Club, the average dogs’dogs’ sleep is 12-14 hours a day. The case is a bit different for older dogs, as they tend to sleep more. They quickly get tired and enjoy the extra rest to be able to work correctly.

For puppies too, more like human babies, they exhaust all their energy playing and sleep well enough.

Big breeds also rest more than little ones.

In understanding a dog’s cycle, especially with sleeping, knowing their breeds is a crucial factor.

Dogs who are always working spend most of their time in the day working whiles the others sleep. Those that are for sedentary lifestyles will rest more.

As the sleeping patterns of dogs and very much alike like that of humans, they also tend to breathe slowly with their blood pressure reducing and a decreasing heart rate. And in less than 10mins, they fall into the rapid eye movement point. It is at this point that you will see them whining and their tail twitching.

Image by Magdalena79 from Pixabay

Although humans have a larger sleep cycle, about 25% of their long sleep time in the rapid eye moment point, for dogs, it is only different for they only spend 10% in the REM point. This is due to their frequent breaks whiles sleeping. Dogs are fantastic. They can quickly go back to sleep, at the same time, having a high alertness level. They deserve more sleep than humans due to their very short rapid eye moment rate.

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