Romantic Golden Retriever Takes His Girlfriend on Dates and Showers Her with Gifts.

Harry, a romantic golden retriever, was seen in a video visiting his neighbor Holly, a black Labrador, in the night and even bringing her presents. It appears the two have been sneaking to see each other and loves spending time together.

Holly’s family posted the video on Instagram, indicating that her boyfriend sneaked to see her for a date and brought her a present.

The doorbell camera caught the dog with a ball in his mouth and shaking his tail as he gets closer to the door. He patiently was waiting for the door to open, and when it finally did, his girlfriend rushed out and to him, and the two joyfully started playing.

Holly’s mum with the handle Casigene11 posted the video on Reddit, given a caption that says, “my Fiancé, who happens to be my neighbor, came to visit late in the night and brought me a gift.” Also, indicating how Molly is thrilled with her present that she takes it everywhere.

Casigene11 also explained how the incident happen. They heard Holly standing in front of the door giving a distress call. So her brother decided to rush down and after opening the door, saw harry there.

Both have been best friends for a long while now. Holly was brought to the house seven years ago, and always share each other’s company.

Usually, Harry comes during the day to see Holly, when they saw him that night, they were all in shock! Interestingly, they also do sleepovers.

Some people thought that the whole thing is a staged act. Holly mum had to also state her state of confusion just like they all are. She indicated that the action isn’t a staged one. And if they could listen attentively in the video, they would realize how incomplete confusion she was. She still can’t believe it.

Another funny fact about Holly is that she prefers collecting money to treats. A few years ago, a video on the internet showed that.

Video: The Dodo

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