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The Rejected Tiger Cub and His Cute Puppy Best Friend.

There are a billion reasons why people should not lock wild animals up in chains. Animals deserve to have natural behavior to fit in with other animals like them. Cubs and other animals born in captivity often face rejection from their mothers which ruins the lives terribly. Taking away an animals opportunity to live a normal life is cruel period!

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Sadly, after rescuing these innocent creatures, getting back their natural instincts becomes difficult.

The cute tiger cub in this story is no different. Hunter is a Bengal tiger cub born in Pretoria, South Africa, in a Wildlife Sanctuary. Unfortunately, the 3 months old tiger was born to an emotionally disturbed mother who couldn’t take care of him.

The workers at the center were skeptical that the little tiger would survive. Finding the right mother for him was a grave challenge.

Hunter was born at a time when his mother wasn’t ready emotionally and couldn’t mother the cub.

Hence, the little tiger faced rejection from his mother. Nonetheless, getting a good replacement came faster than what anyone had anticipated.

Meeting a German Pointer puppy, who was quite older than him, changed everything.

The volunteer at the sanctuary, Anthea, brought the two together and their relationship is just impressive. Chelsea the German pointer loves to give Hunter a mornings greeting before he takes his daily morning walks.

But like every relationship the pair also have their share of disagreements. They sometimes squabble over things they both want but they reconcile perfectly like best friends.

Hunter is very excited to have Chelsea as his play buddy. Getting a companion for Hunter is really significant because he needs to socialize or face becoming reclusive.

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But sadly, their relationship might end soon. Immediately Hunter becomes 6 months old, he wouldn’t be allowed to play with Chelsea again. And the reason is to protect Chelsea.

Now that we see many different animals in good friendships, it would be exciting to see the relationship of the Hunter and Chelsea live on for many years.

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