Rags to Riches: Meghan Markle’s Dog Gets Featured In A Children’s Book

A hound dog has been getting lots of attention when he gained the title “rags to riches”.

His fantastic tale started, as most of you already know, when this hero dog was neglected in the Kentucky woods. He later moved to the Kensington Palace to stay forever. Thanks to the amazing actress who took him and decided to adopt him from a shelter in Canada. And now he has become the freshest member of the Royal Family.

The hound has made an exciting story in the books of history to the advantage of his fans. Upcoming adopters around the world are at a better advantage also due to this story. The Daily Mail reports that the story would be out in November.

An impressive title, His Royal Dogness; The Remarkable Story of Meghan Markle’s Dog, is discovered to be officially supported by the Royal family. With the help from some other authors like Camille March and award-winning producer and writer Mike Brumm, it is also exemplified by the artist Gerald Keller.


In late November 2017, after it was publicized that the Prince would be marrying the actress, Markle, information gathered says that Markle was ready to take the hound, Guy to her new home in London. Markle was heartbroken when she discovered that she couldn’t go along with her other dog, Bogart. The old dog was too weak to go with her to their new home.

The hound was found by the rescue roaming and was taken into a shelter in Toronto. The actress went to an event for animals needing adoption, and she adopted him to build a home for him. From being rejected in the woods of Kentucky to enjoying the fame that comes from being in a royal family, he was even in a limo with the Queen.


The Couple, Prince Harry and Markle, also decided to get another new pet OZ, the pictures of the new pet is yet to be out. We place a high bet that Guy’s book will indeed be a seller.

Markle, has several times posted pictures of her dogs on her former social media account when she was acting in the movie “suits.”

This dog’s story is a classic example of a Rags to Riches tale.

Article Source: lifewithdogs

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