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Wow! A Pygmy Goat Adopted by A Cute White German Shepherd!!

It’s incredible how this white german shepherd like other dogs is able to adopt another animal that is in need. I honestly think this dog teaches you and I a great lesson.

According to, dogs are naturally loyal because they are pack animals. They love the company of us humans and other animals because of their God-given gift of socializing. Also, living in packs or with humans serves as security and plays a big role in their survival.

We can’t count the number of times dogs have in many ways shown their selfless nature by providing comfort to other animals. And this is another heartwarming story of a cute white german shepherd named Shadow.

A beautiful video of Shadow show just how loving and affectionate she is towards the newborn pygmy goat.

Most of us know how difficult it is for different animal species to team up and live together peacefully. But in this case, the pair are happy and it is interesting to watch them together.

Sometimes people are worried about bringing home a new puppy to an older dog. But this family had great results with their White German Shepherd and the pygmy goat.

It’s not surprising the goat feels about Shadow. She spends much time taking care of the little goat as she does with her puppies. So Shadow is the mother the pygmy goat never had!

Animals of different breeds living peacefully together is just amazing. Shadow and the little goat shows us that animals can bond despite their diverse nature.

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Watch the video below to have a peek for yourself.

Video: Rumble Viral

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