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Puppy Throws a Kind Gesture By Sharing Her New Blanket With A Stray Dog Left In The Cold.

Lana, an eight-month-old kind puppy, understands what it means to show kindness at such a tender age.

Located in Brazil, Lana was rescued from being a stray dog on the streets of Brazil last year. Just after she was rescued, a lovely heart and her fiancé adopted the dog. They are placing her in a very healthy and enjoyable life as an adored pet. Aside from the fact that Lana gets all the care and affection, she deserves as a puppy, she still remembers the feeling of being on the streets as a stray dog.

The weather in Brazil has been freezing over the recent period, Suelen Schaumloeffel, Lana’s family, decided to get her a bigger blanket to make sure Lana was safe and warm from the cold in her penthouse. But Suellen never knew that after she tucked Lana in on Monday night, Lana would get out of her blanket and allow a stray come and join in to enjoy her comfort.

Suelen Schaumloeffel (via

The next Tuesday morning, while Schaumloeffel’s fiancé was about leaving for work, he noticed that Lana had pulled out her blanket and was allowing another dog to enjoy her comfort. The dog happens to be one of the stray dogs in the neighborhood.

Suelen Schaumloeffel mentioned that she recalled seeing the stray dog the previous day close to their home. She couldn’t tell if the dog was a stray, and he kept running away anytime she tried getting closer to the dog to see if he had a collar or tag. But Lana had made up her mind to help this dog.

Suelen could tell how beautiful the sight was, seeing the dogs together and how Lana cared for her friend.

She reported to the Dodo that her favorite puppy had taught her a valuable lesson called generosity.

Ever since the first time, the family still sees the stray dog coming around always, but anytime they try to approach him, he again speeds off. They were trying to find out a way of helping him get home or to a home. But for now, they try to leave some food and water for the dog.

To them, Lana would have even done better if she had the opportunity.

The family agrees that Lana is the kindest puppy that they had ever seen or met.

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Sometimes we don’t remember that little actions can make an impact on people’s life. She taught them this.

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