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Pringles, The Old Terrier Found In The Dumpster Dies After Efforts To Save Her Life.

An old Terrier was recently found dumped in a dumpster with several injuries on his head.

It appears its handlers had brutalized the Yorkshire Terrier before it died.

The dog was discovered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when people heard the dog giving a whimpering noise inside the dumpster.

She lay on a massive pile of garbage, and they later removed her from the bin. The animal care center came to the scene of the incident a few moments later.

She was then sent to the prevention of animal cruelty in Pennsylvania for a medical diagnosis. The results prompted them to place her on the critical condition list.

A statement was dropped by the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA) immediately, and they started treating Pringles.

They indicated that their team of professional vets had started work to doing everything possible they can to free Pringles from dying. The Director, Nicole Wilson, also noted how crucial the state of Pringles is.

It is heartbreaking that when the individual discovered the bad shape she was in, instead of trying to help her get medical attention, he instead left her in the dumpster.

If not for the good person who came to her aid, she would have been dead by now.

People who were concerned about Pringle’s health decided to create a social media fundraising page to help create awareness about the conditions of Pringles and ask for any support. Luckily, they received more than $3,000 in less than a week.

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Sadly, the next Monday, Pringles couldn’t fight for her life again and died whiles undergoing treatment.

The agency also released another statement concerning the death of Pringles.

To everyone who cared about Pringles, her death was heartbreaking.

In the statement, they mentioned that the public should understand that Pringles didn’t die in a dump but rather by deep affections from all over the world, and got the best of treatments. Her death should be an inspiration to people out there to save every pet around them suffering like this.

Let the fight against animal cruelty continue just like Pringles fought until her last moments. Within a short time, the news of her undergoing surgery traveled far, she won the hearts of millions of people, and they all prayed and wished her a quick recovery. Her desire to live, to keep pressing on, stands as a motivation and inspiration to the plenty souls out there. In as much as they are mourning her today, she lives on with her fighting spirit in them.

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