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Police Dog Sniffs Out A Lost Wedding Ring

A police dog has been given the title “hero” for joining a man and his wedding ring back together.

The man angrily threw the ring out of his vehicle and was in hot waters after.

It happened when Police on patrol, PC Carl Woodall, noticed two men acting strangely on the Northfield Road as about 2 am on a Saturday at Harbourne, UK.

He decided to stop so that he could discover what they were trying to do. He was later informed that both of them had been by the side of the road for some time now searching, but their search wasn’t fruitful.

Odin was present at that moment so he could provide the needed assistance.
To the surprise of everyone, the dog found the ring in less than 2mins. The men felt relieved.

The Police on Patrol reported that one of the men removed his wedding ring and threw it away due to the anger he was feeling in a short time.

But quickly repented from his actions and needed to find the ring back.

The Police on Patrol accounted that the dogs that they use were given specialized training on sniffing out the scent. Due to its size, the men couldn’t tell how long they were there searching for the ring. The Police attested to the fact that he wasn’t sure if Odin had the right amount of scent to embark on this ring hunt. But to their surprise, he was able to gain back the ring in just a few minutes. The ring was covered by the grass, which was a little longer, and also since it was late, the place was very dark. If not for Odin, they would have wasted their night searching for the ring and would have yielded no results.

Odin was given praises by all of them since without his help, and they wouldn’t have seen the ring. He and the Carl Woodall returned to their patrol within a few minutes.
Odin is a 6years old German Shepherd. And one of the best dogs on training from the West Midlands Police dog training program.

Daily dogs keep proving their loyalty to men.

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