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Pit Bull’s Photo on Facebook Gets Him a New Family

Whiles checking out Facebook, the picture of a pit bull that was about to be euthanized got the utmost attention of Olena Kagui on the subway. She spoke to The Dodo how the picture stole her attention that she couldn’t scroll past it.

In the Facebook post, the loving and friendly pit bull whose name is Smiley, loves to play with toys and was very much well trained. Due to the fact that his family was expecting a new baby and didn’t want Smiley around so they had to let him off to the shelter. If after a period of time and no home is found for Smiley, he would be euthanized.

Her husband saw her crying whiles she was watching the Facebook post, even though he felt there was no need for a dog now he felt convinced and had no option but to agree with Olena in getting the dog. They contacted Pound Hounds Res-Q; the group that organizing for Smiley to be removed from the shelter. The only missing thing is that there is no home available for Smiley. And Olena and her husband seem to be the perfect people to provide the missing element.

Julie Carner

After getting castrated and all the necessary arrangements done, Smiley was finally theirs. They recalled when he first entered into the house, he was very shy and nervous, he could barely even make any eye contact with anyone. Being trained earlier as a house dog he barely even knows how to jump on his bed, he only chews his toys and nothing else.

Olena returned home with rope burns on his hands when he took the dog for a walk, as smiley kept running ahead of Olena, which made handling him a difficult task. As they frequently engage in their walks, Smiley got relax and finally used to the handling process.

Olena recalled how happy Smiley was when he was allowed to sleep in their room. He was overwhelmed with joy and slept beautifully that night.

Olena Kagui

They kept trying out different techniques with him so he can get used to the environment. The rescue organization suggested that he gets a Front-clip harness to help him walk more easier.

They went driving with him and his excitement was exceptional. He was also taken to the park, a very busy, like other dogs. to feel a busy environment.

Kagui’s husband, now also feeling the importance of Smiley in their home. At first without him, they felt a little vacuum in their home. And He came to fill the vacuum perfectly.

Pound Hound Res-Q founder, is so excited of how everything went. He is very happy that Smiley now feels different as compared to how he was before.
He reported to The Dodo, how perfect Smiley was looking when he had an encounter with him.

Olena Kagui

The thought that at first, he was going to be killed, was heartbreaking, and now he feels relieved. This is indeed an excellent save.

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