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Obese Dog Turns into Perfectly Healthy Dog Thanks To His Mom’s Encouragement.

In as much as it is good to use food and treats to tell them how much we cherish them, it is also necessary and very good that we keep them healthy. We should study their weight just like the way we also watch ours.

They rely on us to make sure that we give them the best of tasty and healthy foods to it. For when we do not do so, they tend to suffer the consequences.

Recently, a vet called the home of Pam Heggie of Edmonton, Canada, looking for a foster home for an obese dog. She wasn’t ready at first, to handle his fatness.
Pam Heggie reported that even the pictures could not give an accurate amount of how fat the dog was. The still-growing golden retriever weighed a little below 170 pounds.

The previous owner of the dog, gave him to the vet to be euthanized since he was having issues with the weight of the dog. The vet, after seeing the sympathy in the dog’s face, felt the dog needed another chance at life, and giving him to another foster home that would handle his weight would be better.

This is Kai

Interestingly for the dog, Pam Heggie once worked as a cardiac rehabilitation nurse and had the right knowledge on how to bring back the weight of the dog.
He was so obese that even taking the dog home was a massive problem for Pam, but she had so much determination in her that she couldn’t allow the dog to remain that way. She recounted that he was too fat that he could barely do anything. Just after a few walks, he’ll get tired and want to take a rest. Sometimes Pam felt like crying. She could take him to the park, and he’ll just lay down instead of playing like the other dogs. She could though, see it in his eyes that he desires to join the other dogs to play, but he couldn’t, and Pam made a promise to try at least and get him to that point.

The dog, Kai, with the advice and support of the vet, was placed on a diet plan. Then she proceeded by taking simple steps by taking him for short walks. Even every treat and food she gives him is keenly monitored. There was not a single day that these two were not found taking a long walk.

Although his starting was a bit difficult, with the necessary encouragement, he was able to meet up. When they started, he could only take 5 -10 steps and decided to take a rest. Then Pam chose to add a little water to help him recover quickly anytime he feels tired.

This is Kai

Kai’s steps started improving amazingly every single day. He also motivated himself to add more steps than he used to before. He was able to move from log jumping to climbing up their beds.

By the end of that year, he had lost a whopping 100 pounds, surprising!
Now he feels like a whole different Kai, and anytime she notices him, I keep motivating himself to do more. It inspired her always to push on. To her, he is encouraging her daily to always to be positive and face the goal ahead. But in other to achieve the big dreams, she has first to break them into smaller steps.

To her, he really worked hard more than any human in a weight loss program or any animal she had ever encountered. He simply desires to have fun like the other dogs and to feel at home and part of a family.

It is beautiful to see Kai playing with the other dogs and enjoying his healthy life without any more weight issues. He is an inspiration to all those who desire to lose a little weight, always push on! This also goes a long way to alert other pet owners always to pay attention to the weight of their dogs. It is much easier to regulate their weight now than to wait when they’ve added more.

This is Kai

Remember, it is important to keep our awesome dogs healthy!

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