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Norma Began Traveling With a Poodle To See The Beauty in The Earth After Being Diagnosed with Cancer.

Here is an inspiring story of ninety years old Norma Bauerschmidt, who was discovered to have an alarming cancer diagnosis.

She was a nurse in the Navy in the course of World War II before marrying her husband, who she lost not too long ago. She was moved to Michigan, her home state, after her service.

Even though due to her cancer, she had a short time to live, she made it worth living indeed.

Photo: Driving Miss Norma

Norma hit the road to see the beauty of the world instead of sitting in hospital rooms; she took her son and his wife, Tim, and Ramie and their amazing poodle Ringo with her on the journey to appreciate the world.

Even though the Doctor treating her was shocked at her desire and passion, he had no choice but to support her in her decision to travel, as he would have done the same since there was no hope of removing the cancer.

They recorded their journey in various forms, from write-ups to videos and photos. Placing all on a Facebook page, Driving Miss Norma.

They traveled a fantastic 13,000 miles journey, which involves 32 states and more than 75 locations. Of course, including national parks and monuments.

Even though her home state was closer to Wisconsin, she has never been there, and this journey granted her the opportunity to do so.

Photo: Driving Miss Norma

She had the opportunity to taste different cuisines and witness unusual traditions. Sadly, at the age of 91, she died and a grand service done for her at Washington.

She might not be physically present, but she inspired many to be courageous, and that is a memory many hold on to.

In remembrance of her, Tim and his wife published a book revealing all of their adventures.

Just like the Facebook page, the book recorded a massive hit. It was able to get to a multitude of people who hadn’t met her.

With a whopping two thousand (2,000) rating on Goodreads and amazingly positive reviews, they have indeed created a legacy.

The Book: ‘Driving Miss Norma: One Family’s Journey Saying Yes to Living’.

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