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Mississippi Hotel Allows Its Guests to Foster Dogs While They Stay

Traveling alone can be very exciting. You can become very tiny in a massive bed, enjoy beautiful things, eat different cuisines, experience different cultures, and enjoy the world at your own time. But the life of a solo traveler can be very dull at night. Especially when you go to an environment, you are not familiar with. But being a parent to a dog on your trip can be very interesting.

A hotel in Mississippi decided to allow it’s guests to foster pets while they stay.

The hotel, Home 2 suites, collaborated with the society of Humane for the initiative dabbed “Fostering Hope.” The hotel also permits the guest to stay for a period longer than their due time. In their lobby section, they kept pets for their guests to select and parent for the moment of their extended stay.

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The initiative goes beyond trying to make their guests have fun whiles they stay a long while, but rather with a bigger vision of trying to help these pets get home, they could be happy living in forever. If any guest has a good time with a dog and decides to adopt the pet, they will fill some forms and pay an amount of $50 to the kennel caretaker.

The hotel also has to see its power not to allow any guest to adopt a pet.
Sometimes they tell the guest to visit their shelter and take their time to find the pet they desire.

Humane Society of South Mississippi

They also make a good selection on which dog would be with their guests. They are more likely to choose dogs that are very friendly, soft sand very better for the busy hotel.

Ever since a picture of the first pet, Chauvo, adopted to a new family in October 2018, the program has been an immense success.

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The pets are also given appropriate vaccinations and treatments. They take medications to prevent any issues with regards to their health.

Since Home 2 Suites started the initiative, they were able to give 33 guests new pets to live with — a fantastic record.

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The hotel brags about very important guests who came around to stay long enough, and that is just a great time to spent admiring and falling in love with the pets. It is a very unique and different way to find new homes for these pets.

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Spot, also called Fergus, in November, paid a visit to the hotel. The Dachshund mix got chosen by Laura and Greg to share their home with them in Tennessee. The hotel on the Facebook account accounted for how healthy and adorable Fergus was looking when he returned.

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