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Maltreated German Shepherd Has A Beautiful Reaction After Seeing The Ocean For The First Time.

Most people see their pets to be more than just pets but family. The instance of seeing someone’s pet maltreated is very heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, most pets do not know how love or good care feels. They experience these maltreatments in different forms.

Unfortunately, for a 5-years old German shepherd called Herschel, who has spent all his life being maltreated, was tied to the backyard of his handler who neglected and rejected him.

After being maltreated almost all his life, he found a shelter on two occasions to settle in. Gratefully, the rescue organization for animals discovered him and decided to make it a point to get him a family.

Rocky Kanaka (Youtube)

The changes of Herschel increased when a TV host Rocky Kanaka who is also an advocate of animal rescue, choose him to appear on his TV program, Dog’s Day Out in 2018. The program hints of helping dogs get a home to live forever. The program also seeks to help potential parents get their desired pets.

Rocky Kanaka (Youtube)

Herschel got thousands of applications from potential adopters when he appeared on the screen to have his first-ever taste of cappuccino and burrito. He got the perfect family that desires to show him the love and care he needed.

After getting the perfect home he needed, he just needed to be transported to Washington to stay with his new Family; Rocky took him home to Washington with so much pressure.

He now had the pleasure of freedom, the joy of feeling loved, and maximum care.

Whiles Rocky and Herschel were going home, Rocky decided to pass by the ocean and let Herschel have his first ever experience of viewing the sea.

Seeing the ocean for the first time, brought Herschel so much happiness that he couldn’t describe it. He couldn’t hide his joy, and he started jumping and whining.

Rocky Kanaka (Youtube)

After putting his feet in the ocean, it felt like his joy increased as he tried biting the sea in excitement. Rocky almost saw tears flood down his cheeks upon seeing Herschel so happy.
Herschel finally gets all the care and love he deserves. He also shows appreciation to all those that showed some concerns to him.

The link below shows the reaction he felt when they first visited the ocean and all the experiences he had. Kindly do well to share this story with others.

Video: Rocky Kanaka

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