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The Loyal Dog and His Grounded Brother

Emotions build up when I sit down and reflect on my childhood, especially how fun it was playing with my cute and loyal dog.

Jillian Marie Smith/Facebook

The robust relationship between dogs and children is always something remarkable to write about. The friendship between a loyal dog and am awesome child is something the world can learn from.

Science has thrown light on the relevance of the relationship between a child and a dog. Kids who spend their early years with dogs mostly build up a healthy and robust immune system, also build up good emotional intelligence.

A very young exuberant dog from the Smith family is just the dog you would love to have at home. This bright pup is loyal to no other than the youngest son in the family, Peyton. Jillian Marie Smith, the young boy’s mom, is always amazed at the relationship between her son and his dog.

She knows Dash has emotionally improved their family’s. Just by his mere existence, the family is always in good spirits. For Peyton, this is the best friend he will ever have.

The Smiths have stacked up their home with hundreds of pictures of the two spending quality time together. They have both become a staunch support to each other.

Jillian Marie Smith/Facebook

Peyton recently had a fight with his sister, and his parents took steps to punish him so he could reflect on his actions. His mom grounded him for a short time, and just when she opened the room to check on him, there sat Dash right next to him.

Clearly, Dash didn’t want to leave Peyton’s side at that moment.

Jillian Marie Smith/Facebook

She indicated that immediately she saw them together, her stern-looking face turned into a wide smile.

Well, this did not look like a punishment at all. Dash just spent more time bonding with Peyton.

The family brought this cute and now loyal dog home when he was just a little pup. Now he has grown to be a big boy and probably more significant than Peyton in size.

The two of them still have more years to grow up together and build a stronger friendship. And yes, we would be expecting them to blow the internet with more amazing cute pictures.

We are glad dogs always want to spend more and more time with us. This means we will be much more happier with them around!

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