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Kind Woman And Kids Read To Shelter Dogs To Keep Them Company

For pets that suffer some form of rejection, getting the opportunity to be in a shelter is good progress.

Sadly, for all the animals that are in shelters, sometimes adoptions are delayed. So they live their lives lonely in the shelters.

Their lives have gone through many ups and downs from the early stages, and trusting humans is complicated. And this even reduces their chances of getting a new home.

Luckily, there are lovely people out there who have the desire to give these unfortunate dogs a new home.

An example is this exceptional lady who comes from Pittsburgh. With her big loving heart, she took steps to show these dogs some kindness. She would visit the shelter and read for the older dogs there to give them a good company and show them that they are adorable.
One of the workers in the shelters took videos and pictures of the whole thing and posted it on snaps. With a good title revealing that the woman comes to her local shelter, sitting in front of the older dogs and read them different stories.

The worker in the shelters also motivated people to come and volunteer, helping these dogs and showing them that they are loved. He indicated that the shelter also desires more volunteers. He further stated that there are lots of activities in the shelter that one can assist with, from walking with the dogs or cuddling the cats to giving the rabbits maximum care. Even though, according to him, his job sometimes makes it difficult, but the moment he gets the opportunity to spend time in the shelter, he is delighted.

Amazingly this kind gesture was able to strike deep into the hearts of many. The shelter initiated an excellent program titled the Shelter Buddies Reading Program. It will also increase the chances of the animals in finding the perfect home. Kids from 6-15 years old are also allowed to come and read different books to the animals in the shelter. And indeed it works perfectly.

Most of the animals placed in shelters show a high level of anxiety and stress. So they decided to take a step that would help them feel relaxed. Noticing that they had quite a large number of children in the neighborhood who are willing to assist, they decided to join them in the program.

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