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Happy Ending for Family Dog That Went Missing

Not all stories have happy ending, some stories have good beginnings but very sad endings.

In this case, a whole community joined in to search for a happy ending for Boss who had gone missing after a disaster at his home.

A lousy fire took the house of a family living in Wellington, sadly, not only did the fire take the house, but they couldn’t also find their pets. The owners were confused and sad. The incident also occurred just before it was time for Christmas. A time that we should be making merry and be happy.

The owner and father of the dog, Jordan Moon, sadly narrated how they lost their 9-year-old pet and everything during the fire outbreak just days before Christmas.

The explosion in their home took place on the 22nd of December, and within a few minutes, it consumed their whole house.

Thanks to some quick action done, the family and their dog were not affected in any way. But, Boss got very frightened and immediately took off. And ever since then, he disappeared. They took off his collar while giving him a bath. So he not wearing his collar made their search very difficult for both the community and the family.

The only wish the family could make was for their dog to appear again, and gladly they got their wish answered.

Just a few weeks after the tragic incident, an individual was able to identify the dog in a nearby field.

He was looking emaciated, and they took him to the vet who affirmed that despite Boss’s look, he was quite ok considering the incident.

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Gratefully he was taken home to live with the family. The family promised to assist the doctor in helping their dog recover quickly.

Thank God for happy endings!

Incidents like these teach us and remind us to be mindful to keep the collars on our dogs. This way anyone would be able to identify our dogs in a case where they get lost.

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