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Dogs And Their Baby Sister Sneak Out At Night For Snacks

As a child I won’t deny that I never did sneak out to steal some candies that dad would bring home after work.

For this dog owner, knowing her daughter is not tall enough to be able to use the doorknob and sneak out, she decides to check her security footage.

And to her surprise, what she saw was the epitome of Double Trouble.

Chris Cardinal (Via Facebook)

The two amazing Golden Retrievers in the house, Bleu, and Colby were so much excited when their parent gave birth to a sister for them. So they decided to engage their little sister in their latest crime they were about committing. As soon as they discovered that she was far too generous than their parents in giving them treat, they decided to devise methods of extorting more treats from her.

Usually at 6 AM every day, immediately the Retrievers feel like they are starving, they would stand in front of the doors of their parent and bark to give them the signal that it is time to eat. But they decided to let go of that method of delivering “hunger information” to a different approach. In the footage of the video, they could see them entering their sisters’ room and trying to convince her to get them some food or treat.

Their Mother reported to The Dodo that they were very much aware of the crime they were committing. According to her, they were probably so hungry that they had to get a quicker method of getting food, and lots of it, so they decided to go to their little sister, who was kind enough to assist them with the treat.

Video: Cheese Pups

Dogs are indeed brilliant animals, smarter than we think they are.
At least, their parents were happy that considering how the dogs came to their sister to help them get a treat or how they were glad that no harm was done to her since she was just 15months old.

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