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Dog Visits Disney World To See His Favorite Characters.

Everyone loves to visit disney world. Atleast everyone should visit the fun place once in their life.

Nala, a golden retriever belonging to Megan Leigh has always been helping Megan especially since she has autism and PTSD, with the help of Nala, Megan is free to move to where ever she desires to move. Nala is just a two years old service dog. Thanks to Nala, Megan can do one of the things she enjoys doing most, going to Disney World.

It appears both Nala and Megan always enjoy going to the park, as we see on Nala’s face and expressions any time they visit there. Nala is the name of a Disney lioness. So, Megan decided that she give Nala a treat by taking her to Disney again, but this time make Nala one of the celebrities.

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Thanks to the fact that Disney does not give any height requirement, Nala is free to join Megan on some rides. If Nala feels like she doesn’t want to go for any trip, Meagan doesn’t force her. One of Nala’s favorite is the People Mover.

But nothing makes Nala crazy and happier than seeing the princesses at the Magic Kingdom, which of course, includes Cinderella and Ariel.

Most of the characters know her because she is a regular, and they always sends a greeting to her any time she comes around.

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Megan trained Nala so well that when she meets people or come in contact with the public, she always tries to be gentle.

To Nala, all these feels like an actualization to her dreams. To Megan giving her this special treat is a small price, she has to pay for all that Nala has done for her. Nala gets the opportunity to see and meet one of her most loved princesses. For all the hard work she has done, she deserves a little timeout and break.

Megan considers Nala as a teammate and her closest friend. To her, it is essential that Nala also gets the fun she deserves whiles assisting her. Excellent work, Nala!

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