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Dog Plays Connect 4 With His Mom And Wins!

The best company one can have, sitting around, cuddling, and running around are our lovely dogs. They’re the best pets to play and have fun at any time. Nonetheless, Percy, a sharp cockapoo, finds pleasure in playing games like Connect 4, rather than just creaky toys.
prancing_percy (via Instagram)

Percy is head over heels in love with Connect 4. His skills improve every day, and we can say he’s mastered the game better than most humans.

Learning new tricks excites Percy a lot. Sarah Shapiro-Ward, Percy’s guardian and coach with When Hounds Fly, teaches Percy new tricks. He’s now more exposed to many new skills as young as two years old. Shapiro-Ward now has the zeal to challenge her very own cute dog.

With constant practice, Percy has finally found the best strategy to master his game. Pleased with his achievement, his mom finds delight in regularly posting his amazing gameplay on his social media handle(Instagram), and it gives everyone the desire to play such a tactical game with their cute puppies.

Being able to understand and master Connect 4 is no child’s play, but Percy is able to understand the basics in no time. He understands that the game Connect 4 has a chip to be placed in its grid, which he cautiously does with his mouth. It’s easier to play the game with a thumb, Percy is not discouraged from playing even with the absence of one.

No doubt he’s skilled when it comes to playing, yet he’s not very tactical but loves to play for pleasure.

Playing the game with such excitement, Shapiro-Ward expresses how she loves to hail him on even though he does not recognize the existence of the token immediately it goes in.

Being hailed on his success against his mom, Percy is more enthused about playing his favorite game Connect 4. But Shapiro-Ward admits he plays for fun.

Not the first dog to engage in a human game; nonetheless, he’s counted amongst the skilled ones. He gets more tactical, and with his constant love to play the game, he might as well outwit his mom!

Are you feeling bored at home? You might as well try training your dogs to play a fun and strategic game, it’s going to be shocking the skill you might find in them or the pleasure you will find in playing fetch with them.

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