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Dog Gives A Photographer The Best Publicity He Had Ever Had

It is clear to a photographer that deals with animals when taking photos it is reasonable to expect the unusual.

Alfredo Garcia da Silva proposed to Joyce Sabino Greffe his fiancée recently. They have been living together in Brazil with their 9 months old puppy, Thor.
Preparations for their wedding in September had started hand as usual they decided to do a photoshoot to add a spice to the wedding ceremony. So, they invited one of the best photographers in town, Nicolas Carrelo, to come around. He was also informed that their puppy would also be part of the pictures, so he decided to make sure he takes the best snaps for the three.

Funny enough, Nicolas Carrelo, the photographer, was given an assurance that Thor would be well behaved in the pictures and wouldn’t give him any stress in his duty.

Image by Pitsch from Pixabay

Unfortunately for the photographer, the words of Joyce turned out to instead be the opposite, as she has stated. As soon as they began taking the pictures, Thor decided to make that his moment to display his different skill sets with regards to taking photographs, interrupting the setup Nicolas had in mind for the pictures. Even though it was hilarious and disturbing, they all laughed around it and allowed Thor to enjoy the art in his own way.

Nicolas, the photographer, took an amount of 1,500 pictures but could only give 80 photos to the duo due to Thor’s display in the movie, ruining the images for the best engagement pictures. His energy at some levels in the process was just too much for Nicolas to handle even though they all enjoy an excellent time taking the images with Thor.

Nicolas Carrelo Fotografia

The couple really had a wonderful time taking pictures with Thor even though he didn’t act as expected.
Nicolas decided to post the rest of the very pictures of Thor to his social media accounts. And to his surprise, in just a short period, the images had a whopping 23 million likes and comments.

Nicolas Carrelo Fotografia

In all his years working as a photographer, he had never gotten such a fantastic number of likes and comments. And the funny aspect is that it came from a naughty dog creating his own style in the pictures. He really didn’t expect this hit. He definitely attests to the fact that Thor assisted his career in a way he never thought of.

Indeed, in working with pets, you might never be able to detect the outcome of it. Most of the comments that even came in were also about the amount of energy Thor exerted in his display. This gives many reasons to adore pets, most especially dogs.

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