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Child Rescues His Dog From His Abusive Dad.

Sometimes I don’t understand what makes some pet owners so cruel and wicked towards their own pets. Don’t these people regard their pets as family?

Such abusive treatment towards animals physically and psychologically leaves them scarred for very long, if they are not fortunate. Young kids would love to have a loving pet to play with but others just don’t see the value, sadly!

This is the story of a young boy who undoubtedly loves his best friend suffering in an abusive environment.

On 7th March, a Mexican Rescue Organization put out a picture of a dog that is in their care.

The dog was lying a plastic bin toys and enough bedding to keep him comfortable. A note was lying right beside him, stating the sad circumstances leading to the dogs current situation.

The letter, states that the dog, Simon, faces a lot of abuse from his father and needs a safe haven.

The young boy also reveals that the family is going through tough times and cannot provide for the dog’s needs.

You can tell that the boy really loves his dog. He sorrowfully pleaded with the shelter to take good care of the dog and not be abusive like his father.

As he asked for free dog care, he did not want the dog to be put up for adoption. He had plans on coming back for the dog when the time was right.

The shelter is emotional about the letter and are trying to find the young boy by sharing the story on social media.

The shelter thought it best to locate the sweet young boy and have a conversation with him.

They also put on social media their undying assurance that they would take excellent care of the dog and give him the required health care he needs.

A staggering 3,000 shares made the story go viral, and they hope that someone will be able to help track down the family.

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I love dogs! When I was 10 years old we had an Alsatian named "Damfo" - he was so big and strong it seemed like he was taking me for walks instead of the other way round. Our second dog was "Dinah", a beautiful pure bread Boxer. Later, in college, I earned extra money by dog sitting, training, and dog walking. I love to share stories with other dog lovers. Dogs are AMAZING!!

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