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Bus Driver’s Instincts Drives Him To Save An Abducted Dog.

We should always trust our instincts, especially when we feel that something is not in place or wrong. Thanks to the bus driver who trusted his instincts, a stolen dog was rescued.

Mike Thomas, whiles using a route heading downtown Portland discovered something ahead of him. He decided to slow down to see what it is.

He saw a man with a dog. The man held the dogs’ collar and was dragging it across the road. Mike also discovered that there was no leash on the dog, and the path was not the regular crossing route. Aside from that, Mike became more suspicious of the man when he realized he was in pajama bottoms.

Mike felt a certain unpleasing way about the whole thing. His instincts were just pushing him to do something about the situation.


Even though animals are not allowed on the bus, He opened it for them to come in. At that moment, he felt that was the safest and best thing to do.

As they continued going, Mike noticed the guy gave the dog to one of the passengers on the bus. That was the moment he realized something was wrong and needed to stop the vehicle and respond to the dog.

He turned to engage the man in a conversation, first by asking for the dog’s name, but every time he asked, the man told him a new name. None of the names given matched the name the dog had on his collar that contained his tag; earlier on, Mike had seen the name of the dog on the collar, when it came close to him to get a ball.

Indeed, his instincts were right, and at this moment, he had the conviction that he needed to help the dog.

As they got to downtown, holding the dog by the collar, he told the man that he has decided to keep the dog and return to its handlers or owners.

Other people who were on the bus tried showing some affection to Cooper, the dog until he was given to the Police. The story happened to be that the parent of the dog had left town for a while, putting their son in watch for the dog, but he got agitated one night when he discovered Copper was no longer there.

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Cooper reunited with his loved ones that midnight after his owner, Jane Murphy got a voicemail from the Police informing her how Cooper was found and for her to come and pick him up.

Even though they couldn’t tell how Cooper left the backyard, they were all pleased he was found.

Cooper’s family was so happy and thankful to Mike that they decided to meet him and say thank you to him personally. They even handed a picture of Cooper to him with a written note at the back saying thank you.

Jane couldn’t say how happy she was there. Such kindhearted people still exist today and show such affection to dogs.

Article Source: theanimalrescuesite


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