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Brindle Can’t Go Anywhere Without His Dad’s Shirt

Life for Brindle has not been a smooth one. Just a few months old, this cute puppy lives in a shelter. But thanks to a beautiful young couple, he had a sudden change in his life the moment he had an encounter with Rachel and JD.

JD and Rachel already owned a cute dog named Xander, so they decided to get a friend for Xander, that’s when Brindle came into the picture. And ever since he set foot in this home, it’s been so much love.

He’s always adored JD right from the beginning and have built a strong relationship together. Rachel and Xander had a connection the moment they met, so it is obvious why he chose JD.

JD happens to be a soldier in the US Military. Being in the army, he is constantly abroad on different missions. The family misses his presence.

Unfortunately, the absence of JD gives Brindle heartbreaks. He is always looking sad and worried. Brindle has always been a dog full of joy and energy, but the situation has changed him. He’s lost his desire for food, and would stare out the window with tears in his eyes.

Rachel noticing Brindle’s change thought Brindle’s health might be in danger, and it appears that she couldn’t do much to change the situation.

So JD thought about what he could do while he was on a mission thousands of miles away.

He sent Brindle an unimaginable.

JD took a shirt he had been wearing and shipped it to Brindle. So Rachel took the beautiful present, though it was smelly, and handed it over to Brindle. Immediately he sniffed JD’s odour in the shirt it was like a magic spell. His energetic and joyful character sprang back to life.

Luckily, Rachel took a video of the whole scene, and it is simply remarkable to see the happiness on the face of Brindle playing with JD’s shirt.

What’s more surprising is Brindle goes everywhere with the shirt, till his dad completed his mission and came home.

Watch the video below:

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I love dogs! When I was 10 years old we had an Alsatian named "Damfo" - he was so big and strong it seemed like he was taking me for walks instead of the other way round. Our second dog was "Dinah", a beautiful pure bread Boxer. Later, in college, I earned extra money by dog sitting, training, and dog walking. I love to share stories with other dog lovers. Dogs are AMAZING!!

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