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Blind Mixed Spaniel Finds His Savior.

When dogs go through unfortunate health issues like this blind mixed spaniel, I as myself why such sweet loving pets should ever go through pain.

The Fox 8 Cleveland posted on their Facebook page that the two dogs, Kimchi, the blind mixed spaniel and Ginger, have been nicknamed “ambassaDogs” for several years now.

Ginger and Kimchi

Kimchi happens to be a mixed spaniel of about 9 years old and her fantastic friend, Ginger, a golden retriever, assists her blind best friend in any way she can. Ginger is definitely an excellent companion and guide.

Ginger and Kimchi

They reported on their page that the owner of the dogs went to adopt Kimchi from welfare in the Philippines some years back and decided to take Ginger along.

Ginger used to be very energetic around other puppies, so they couldn’t tell whether the pair would workout. Surprisingly, they became the best buddies.

Even though Ginger was very selective with any new siblings, she was very comfortable with Kimchi from the very start.

They decided to take both dogs for a walk around town, and it turned out to be amazing. Ginger even went as far as licking Kimchi when they paused to breathe. It felt like, according to the couple, Kimchi chose them, whiles Ginger accepted him.

Kimchi was reclaimed after he was neglected. He was diagnosed with many health problems and went almost blind.

Ginger and Kimchi

He couldn’t see for three years, but Ginger gave himself up to be his guide buddy. The couple even indicated that Ginger was not giving any form of training to be able to help Kimchi, and even Kimchi is ok with having someone lead her. They are always together whenever they go out, a lead dog for a blind one.

The Family got inspired by their dogs and very thankful to the rescue group that joined them together, aside from the fact that they decided to join and volunteer for CARA. They still have about 22 companion pets.

Aside from acting as “AmbassaDogs,” the duo, Ginger and Kimchi, also renders services for the locality as well. They are sometimes invited by hospitals to give support to emotional students, employees, and patients.

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