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Hilarious: Ben Franklin A Police Dog Caught Stealing

No one would believe that a dog like Ben Franklin would ever go against the law in a law enforcement edifice!

The Franklin Police Department took in a new golden retriever in the month of February, who they named Ben Franklin.

They assumed the new dog would be a perfect dog, as all dogs that are in the department are there to help the community or locality they are in. Unfortunately, it seems even for a well-trained dog like Ben; somethings are too tempting to be ignored.

The Santa Foundation for kids parceled up some presents that needed to be distributed to the kids in the neighborhood. When Ben Franklin saw the parcels, he couldn’t resist the temptation that came with it and decided to pounce on it, for the sight of toys excites him a lot.

According to Officer Muccairone, usually, the chocked room is supposed to be locked, but it appears someone went in and forgot to close the door behind until he saw Ben coming out with a packed animal.

Franklin Police Department (Facebook)

He had already salivated around that one, so they had no choice but to let him have it.

Unfortunately for the second time, the door was left ajar again, and Ben, the smart dog, sneaked in to tamper with another parcel, but this time around, he was caught in the act by another handler.

The officer who caught him decided to have more concrete evidence by taking a video of Ben, who seemed not to be bothered at all. He had stolen a lot of parcel which he placed under a desk. The officers discovered a large number of toys he has successfully taken.
Here’s the video below showing him in the act.

The officers accounts that they had been taught a number of lessons with regards to having bunch of toys. Some of this lessons includes; making sure the door to where the toys are located is very well locked. Keeping the toys at a height that not even a dog like Ben can get to it. If not it would end up being in the paws of a dog like Ben.

They posted the video and story on their social media account and got terrific responses. Others argued that despite his bad attitude, he should be placed on Santa’s lovely kid’s list. Pretty sure Santa would send him loads of toys.

Video: MassLive

Judgment passed on Ben says he would be free of all charges even though accused of Larceny.


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