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Six Puppies Survive Severe Conditions in The Woods

One morning, in Alabama, a man decided to use a different route to work, passing through the woods. He realized something appearing in the distance ahead of him. Upon getting closer, he saw a box containing six little puppies. Aside from the puppies being neglected and abandoned in the woods, the man also realized that they were in a terrible shape and needed urgent medical services.

They had different infections like scabies and also had injuries; their weight was just 5 pounds. Due to the weather in the woods, they were almost frozen and looking very much emaciated. The man who rescued them from their condition took the puppies to a shelter located in Sylacauga, Alabama. The staff of the shelter was extremely saddened by the situation the puppies were in.

The staff of Auburn Veterinary school immediately started giving the puppies the necessary treatment they needed. When they recovered fully, they were given to new families to complete their healing process. Their condition was so bad that in order for the staff of the shelter to clean them, they had put on a mask. Nicole Zaguroli of SCCR (second City Canin Rescue) in Chicago indicated how terrible their conditions were when she encountered them.


The pups were not healthy enough that their foster families had to spend much time on them to help them gain back their strength. The workers in the shelter where the puppies were from really praised the family for them deciding to be with the puppies and shower them care. They gave the puppies good dog foods to eat and helped them with a regular clean up to remove the smell they had on and any other skin issues they had. They also provided the puppy with all the love and attention they need to help them build back their trust with people.
Despite the fact that it took lots of time and effort, the puppies were finally restored to full health.

The staff of the shelter also took their time to indicate what the puppies would desire for the best of their health. Due to how small they were and the condition they were facing, people were throwing in different guesses of which breed they are. Some thought they were poodles or spaniels. But as the puppies began to grow and restore in excellent health, all the guesses were wrong. As their hair grew, people realized they were nothing like poodles. Their hair wasn’t curly, but rather lengthy and very fluffy.


One of the most expensive dogs are the Great Pyrenees; these breeds are enormous dogs that are used to protect livestock around the world. They are said to be huge because they could weigh as much as 120 pounds for the males. They are also called the Pyrenean Mountain Dogs. Getting one of these is like having a diamond in hand.

Some of the new foster families posted their pictures for all to see how beautiful and healthy they are now. One of the dogs whose name was Barksy, now Bear, even has a social media account dedicated to him.

Another family of the new dog, Eric Hartman, also posted one picture of his puppy formerly called Georgia. They all look so amazing than they first appeared to the shelter.

Thanks to the good Samaritan, these dogs now have a place they can call home. Even though thinking about the person who abandoned them in the woods would be hurtful, instead, let us focus on the one person who discovered that they were in need of serious help. Let us also applaud the shelters that dedicate their time and efforts to save animals every single day. They are indeed inspiring heroes of today.

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