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A Stray Dog Disrupts A Wedding and It’s Spectacular.

People who make weddings simply spectacular are family members and sometimes our ex. But you might never consider a stray dog.

An amazing stray dog that was not part of this wedding decided to join the couples in enjoying their day. The next thing that happened is just heart-melting.

Two beautiful people took their time to plan how they want their special day to be unique. A lot of planning and preparations went into the wedding. They couldn’t decide on how the weather was going to be like or even the total number of guests coming. Most of us appreciate it when we have a sunny day at our wedding, but a rainy one won’t in any way disturb it. And for this couple, Marilia and Matheus, since they could not determine the next weather outcome, the rain came and pushed their ceremony inside the church.


As they continued the wedding, and it was time for the exchange of the vows, a stray dog came from nowhere and went straight to lay on the veil of the bride. Immediately it happened, the whole place went very quiet until the couple started laughing.

Immediately the wedding started, everyone was shocked when this stray dog appeared as the bridal chorus was singing.

The bride mentioned to The Dodo that the dog came into the venue and decided to lay on her veil. To her, it was indeed a spectacular surprise.


She mentioned that she was an animal lover, and she so much appreciated it. Since the dogs’ actions are not in any way disturbing or bothering him, they continued the wedding, and this is when more exciting things occurred.

Just as they continued in the merry, they couldn’t find the dog anymore. The couple then decided that they would want the dog to be part of their new family. But they have to first search for him.

Marilia stated that they didn’t want this spectacular wedding crusher to be a stray dog anymore. She also noted that it took them almost forever to locate the dog, but thankfully they were recently called on the location of the dog.

Giving him the name Snoop, he is now part of their family, and this family is very much happy, just like the way they were on their wedding day. He came into their lives at the perfect time. When they brought him home, they gave him a good bath and also a lot of water to drink. He was also given an excellent bed to have a sound sleep.

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