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A Good Samaritan Finds And Rescues A German Shepherd

Sometimes owning a pet can be a huge cross to carry. You have to prepare yourself to take good care of the pet, dogs, especially before you take them home. We must make the right decisions to reduce the number of neglected dogs on the streets in the country.

Sadly, this is an instance of a German shepherd that was rejected and neglected by the roadside. Luckily for the dog, a good Samaritan, Richard Jordan, found him lying abandoned on the streets in Louisiana.

Richard Jordan (via Facebook)

On the first approach, the dog was frightened and was refusing to come out of his hiding place. So, Richard decided to contact the nearest animal service and started taking measures to win the trust of the dog.

To get more information and knowledge about the dog, the good Samaritan Richard posted about the dog in a small social media group.

He felt it within himself that the dog was neglected and rejected, and also thought that maybe the dog might have been dropped from a moving vehicle.

The dog was so adorable, Richard called him an excellent dog. It didn’t feel like the act of abandoning the dog was on purpose. Richard later discovered that the dog was wearing a collar showing his name as Borel.

Richard Jordan (Via Facebook)

Immediately animal service came to the scene; they were able to discover that the dog had a microchip. With the help of the chip, it was clear that the dog came from Dallas.

Richard stated that the dog is currently in the process of getting adopted, and a lot of people have expressed the desire to adopt the dog.

They still couldn’t tell how or why the dog was left by the roadside, but Richard is certain that the dog is a product of corrupt breeding practices.

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Thankfully, a lot of people desire to be with Borel, so the animal service is working hard to make sure they get the perfect family for him.

Richard Jordan (Via Facebook)

This is to remind us that we should be cautious when trying to adopt a dog. Let’s be sure to do proper research before choosing the right breed.

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