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A Cute Dog Neglected In A Trashcan Has A Happy Ending

The Staff of Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) witnessed another disturbing incident that is beyond human understanding. A small dog had been abandoned in a trashcan close to the road.

The staff reported to CBS 6, that mostly its often too late for any animal to survive such an incident. But luck was on the side of Annabelle as she was very much alive.

Gratefully, she has gotten a family that would give her all the care and affection she lost. The RACC service reported in a post on their social media page.

And the day for Annabelle to get adopted finally came, and the organization couldn’t be happier. They sent their appreciation to all those who supported them through the whole period of getting her home. The account that the joy they share is also the joy of all those who have been with them. They wish her fantastic luck and pray for her life to be beautiful and filled with affection.


Annabelle got to join the family of Bridgette Magne. Who was excited to have her and take care of her, that she even posted a picture of her?

Her new mom got thrilled she had the opportunity to adopt her.

Anabelle got a new big brother, Jake, and they seem to be getting along perfectly. They eat together, go out for walks and share many gifts and presents together. Magne wrote how Anabelle even slept on her laps when they got to the house. Jake is also very excited to have a sibling he can be with and enjoy the rest of their lives together.

Magne also decided that she was going to create an Instagram and Facebook account for the duo. Annabelle, a mixed Shih Tzu, found in a trashcan by the roadside of Midlothian Turnpike was taken to the shelter on the 13th of September.

Christie Peters reported that the inhabitants of the place brought the pet in a trashcan. But was still in a Garbage bag whiles being in the car.


He also indicated that the whole body of the pet was filled with infections with the eye inclusive. The staff of the shelter then named her Annabelle, and it was discovered that she could be around five years old and had bath teeth too.

It also appears that she has had medical treatment before. And it was sad; no one still cared for her over a long period. Her reject had been for months, even though she is a loving and adorable pet.

Messages went around asking for her owners to show up, but no one did, or even anyone who could recognize her, and still no one did show up.

It’s simply amazing that this family decided to adopt her. At long last, the rejected puppy is now a princess.

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