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A Bow Tie Changes A German Shepherd’s Life.

When Dhani Jones said wearing a bow tie opens doors for you he wasn’t kidding.

Today I share with you how a simple bow tie changed how people looked at this young and energetic dog.
Rome, a five-year-old pure German shepherd, takes pleasure in embarking on family adventures. He enjoys hiking, swimming, and sometimes heading up the trails faster than his family.
However, not everyone is welcomes Rome, and his family realizes how terrifying he appears to others that don’t know him.
Rome is a little bit taller than the average German shepherd of his age, which frightens people who come around.
His family also realize that most people are afraid of German shepherds and perceive this breed to be dangerous.
Even though Rome may be an enormous German shepherd for his age, he is what I would call a ”big friendly giant”.
In a conversation with the Dodo, Rome’s mum said, “he is the original baby of our family.” Her BFG (big friendly giant) is an adorable and warm-hearted puppy.
He loves to play and have fun with their nine-month-old baby and with other dogs around.
On hiking days, Rome’s mum, Mercedes Provost, noticed how people would rather stay far from him than come close. Because of his size, people wonder if he is friendly or not.
She panics anytime Rome leads the family, running far ahead on the trails. She needed to find a way to slow him down and show people his true and wonderful colors.
Thankfully she found the perfect way to do so.
Whiles shopping at Target, she found a bow tie and decided to try it on Rome.
It fit him perfectly!
Everyone that came into contact with him loved his new look.
Now everyone loves to see Rome wearing his new bow tie, they have a different feeling about him.
He is indeed a big but friendly giant!
Rome enjoys the attention he gets when he wears his cute bow tie. Which dog wouldn’t? Anytime he steps out or goes hiking, he sometimes carries a little backpack along instead of his bow.
However, his bow tie makes people around the family comfortable and understand that Rome is only a large German shepherd dog with a good and warm heart. ♥♥♥
Now the family has no issues traveling with him. Everyone approaches him whole-heartedly and loves to spend time playing with him because he is free-spirited and loves everyone.
Thanks to his bow tie, he is now an adored German shepherd.
I would love to share a quote with you from Rachel Zoe.
“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Source: the dodo

Billy Maxwell

I love dogs! When I was 10 years old we had an Alsatian named "Damfo" - he was so big and strong it seemed like he was taking me for walks instead of the other way round. Our second dog was "Dinah", a beautiful pure bread Boxer. Later, in college, I earned extra money by dog sitting, training, and dog walking. I love to share stories with other dog lovers. Dogs are AMAZING!!

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