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9-Year-Old Boy Shelters Stray Dogs in His Fathers’ Garage

For dogs that are abandoned or do not have a home to be in, surviving becomes a huge task. The number of such dogs is so vast that we can’t give an accurate figure on it. The WHO calculates that there are more than 200 million stray animals around the globe that don’t have a home.

There are a lot of people out there making sure they provide a home for these animals. And some of these people even do incredible and amazing things for these animals. One such amazing person is a young boy from the Philippines who happens to be 9years old.

The little boy, Ken, started building a shelter for these dogs. He desired to have a refuge to his name and started working towards it. Indeed, he has a kind and affectionate heart and always tried to assist those in need. To him, the best way to prove he love these animals was to do this.

He was able to accomplish his dreams, thanks to the support he got from kind individuals. His father also gave him the help he needed and was able to make a shelter out of the garage. Ken always dreamed of building a shelter to reduce the number of dogs on the street.

And since good things don’t go unrewarded, Ken’s story quickly hit the internet and like wildfire spread across, and even more, people decided to make an input to grow the cause. He reported that he was amazed at the number of kind hearts who came in to donate so that he could give proper care to the dogs. They got so much money that they were able to provide a good shelter for the dogs and provide them with proper nutrition even with excellent veterinary treatment.

He has decided to make the sky his springboard, by not giving up on his dreams and making sure to expand to help other stray dogs. He desires to get more dogs off the street.

One of the workers at the shelter stated that close to 30% of stray dogs return to the owners who come back for them. And the others are sadly put down, the animal welfare groups and organizations are not responding to this issue. For Ken, he desires not to have a limit to the number of dogs.

He is indeed more than a hero.

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