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5 Important Reasons Why Dogs Should Wear Clothes

There will never be a doubt in my mind that dogs are the most adorable creatures. Though there are different opinions about whether dogs should or should not wear clothes, I am of the view that they should.
Although there are numerous reasons as to why owners wear clothes on their pets, but there is more to it than what meets the eye.
Image by Pezibear from Pixabay
1. Regulate Body Temperature
The first and most significant benefit of wearing clothes on your pets is that it helps your dog to remain comfortable even in harsh weather conditions.
There is no other better way to help your dogs live in freezing temperatures.
Wearing nice socks or boots or folding your pet right into a cozy sweater is just the perfect gesture to keep your dog warm during your daily walks.
Summertime could also be another tough season for your dog when it comes to excessive heat or humidity.
In this case, a cool vest will be the best option, especially for senior dogs and dogs with health conditions.
2. Shield Against the Elements
You will always have to prepare for what’s ahead regardless of what season it is. Prepare your dog for what’s to come, be it a rainy day, snowy day, extreme sunlight, or fierce wind.
These weather conditions can do your fur buddy more harm than good. This is why it is necessary to give your pet the essential protective gear.
For example, on a rainy day, giving your dog an umbrella-hooded raincoat or a water-proof jacket is an excellent way to keep it protected.
On a chilly day, a sweater for your dog will keep it warm.
Also, in scorching conditions, UV-shielding clothes can protect your pet’s skin from the penetrating sun rays.
Getting your dog a pair of trendy and fashionable sunglasses is a great idea as well. The primary purpose is to keep your dog protected and comfortable the best way you can.
Image by Pezibear from Pixabay
3. Protect Fur and Skin
Aside from the scorching heat, there are also irritating organisms outside that you should get your attention.
Dog owners who love camping and hunting in the woods with their dogs will testify that bugs are what dogs do not feel comfortable on their skin.
Although getting a bug spray is a good option, you can also provide an insect-repelling shirt for your pet.
Some pet clothing also stops allergens, dirt, debris, or burrs from entering your pet’s fur.
Providing these things will also help you bathe and groom your dog much more comfortable. Going through your dog’s fur looking for bugs to take out can be daunting, right?
Most often, your pets bite and lick their skin. Giving them clothes to wear will stop them from these habits and allow old wounds to heal.
Image by Pezibear from Pixabay
4. Increase Overall Safety
Don’t let your dog feel left out when you go swimming or surfing. Get your dog a wetsuit and have it join you in your fun activities and feel safe.
A life vest will also go a long way in protecting your pet, even when on a boat ride.
Walking your dogs at night is another time you should make sure your dog is wearing protective clothes.
Some pedestrians and drivers may not see your dogs walking, so wearing a bright vest is absolutely a good thing to do.
For good visibility, reflective and bright colors are the best. They can quickly help you find your pet in the park at night.
5. Be a Part of Any Occasion
As a family member, your dog will want to participate in family activities—especially when taking family photos. This is a time when wearing your dog some clothes that suit the occasion will be most memorable to your family.
But it shouldn’t be just for family photos. It should be for every family occasion.
You can also prep them in fancy clothing like tuxedos or a fantastic outfit, especially for wedding days.
They wouldn’t mind wearing your team’s jersey when it’s time to watch the game.
Image by JINNA Kim from Pixabay
Should you wear clothes on your dog?
I am pretty sure this is a question that runs through your mind from time to time. The answer to the question is….ask your dog.
To be able to know whether you should or should not, pay attention to how your dog reacts when he wears clothes.
Does he like chewing on the clothes it is wearing? Does your dog seem to be very uncomfortable? Then you have your answer.
Some clothes can be choking hazards and so watch out for these indicators as well.
I honestly think dogs should wear clothes, aside from our dogs looking fancy, these clothes also help them feel comfortable especially in the different seasons.
I am very much for it!
What do you think? Should dogs wear clothes? Leave a comment and share some photos as well. I would love to see your dogs looking chic.
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I love dogs! When I was 10 years old we had an Alsatian named "Damfo" - he was so big and strong it seemed like he was taking me for walks instead of the other way round. Our second dog was "Dinah", a beautiful pure bread Boxer. Later, in college, I earned extra money by dog sitting, training, and dog walking. I love to share stories with other dog lovers. Dogs are AMAZING!!

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