4 Awesome Dogs Who Grieved The Loss Of Their Owners

To every dog, the loss of their owners is very devastating!

After the loss of their owners, dogs frantically miss their best friends. No dog wants to spend a minute away from their owners yet alone spend the rest of their lives without them.

Mountie Dave Ross and 2 of his friends were in June shot in a standoff! Just like all mourners, this service dog is the best mourner of all. Danny, his German Shepherd is always with the officer anytime he goes about his duties. Photographs taken from the state funeral for the officer reveal Danny apprehensively standing closer to the officer’s casket. He sat there all through the service. Wishing his hero could rise again.

This dogs genuine grief is just like the millions of dogs around the world. And just like us humans, dogs find it hard to recover from the loss of a loved one.

Just like Danny, we are bringing you 5 other dogs, who really gave their heart to mourning the loss of their handlers and owners. 

1) Hachikō


Hachiko, a Japanese public image, has a similar story. This Akita is always ready to welcome his handler at the train station anytime he returns from work. One sad day, Hachiko, waiting patiently for his handler couldn’t understand why his owner didn’t show up. Hachiko could ‘t hide the worry on his face. But this Akita kept waiting every single day at the train station hoping that a miracle will happen and his owner will return. This went on for 9 years, until sadly the Akita finally died in 1935. 

2) Capitán


Miguel Guzman got a cute pup for his child, a German Shepherd named Capitan. Even though Capitan is belongs to Damian, Miguel also fell in love with Guzman. Sadly, Guzman died the next year. Capitan also went missing that same year. But later they realised Damian was paying visits to the cemetery where they buried Guzman. He was just right on top of his deceased owner’s grave and kept crying. The dog refused to return home and made the cemetery his new home.

3) Hawkeye


Just like the other dogs and Danny, Hawkeye, the Labrador retriever, also witnessed the death of his best friend in service in 2011. As the funeral was going on, he couldn’t keep calm. With about 1,500 mourning Jon Tumilson who was a Navy seal, this service dog was also among the multitude and weeping bitterly, whiles the eulogies were ongoing. Photographs taken saw the Labrador retriever lying next to the casket as the funeral was ongoing.

4) Leao


Moments captured in Rio de Janeiro of the floods back in 2011 are catastrophic and distressing. The only bright image to put a smile on the faces of people is that of a clay-colored dog lying next to a sealed grave. This mixed-breed, Leao, conducted a vigil for his former handler, Cristina Maria Cesario Santana, who happens to be one of the people lost in the floods. 

Watch the video below to see how dogs feel when their best friends die. In this video, dogs don’r just mourn their human friends, but their other animal friends. Dogs are just very loving!

Video: Hot Vocals

Article Source: thedodo

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