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100 Dogs Rescued From Puppy Mills Find Hope Again.

Fantastic news calms the heart of those who love dogs all over the world. About 100 dogs were reclaimed from extensive breeding facilities (Puppy Mills) recently.

The dogs were rescued from a puppy mills by the National Mill Dog Rescue to a big rescue building in Peyton, CO.

Starting with the difficult task of assessing, inspecting, naming, and curing them. Even though painful, it is also beautiful. They would be going through heartworm test and also check for other parasites, and their medical demands met. It’s an essential step to getting a good family.

Video: CBS Denver

The vision bearer of National Mill Dog Rescue, Theresa Strader, indicates that the pets came from various dog breeders in different states. Some of the dogs have passed their lives living in cages, and the only purpose for them was birthing forth puppies for stores.

National Mill Dog Rescue
Theresa reported to KKTV that as long as these dogs are used for these purposes, immediately they can’t produce anymore, they are euthanized. In the end, they have no future until they step in.

Immediately the dogs are taken from the breeders; the National Mill Dog Rescue starts taking care of them. Even though commercial breeding is allowed by law, Theresa Strader thinks that its criteria needs a raise. She also indicated that these dogs live in the worst conditions.

Theresa Strader also reported that sometimes some of the puppies in the pet stores are not from good parents, instead of parents who have been treating them harshly across the country. 

She also mentioned that any of the dogs rescued by the organization gets to be adopted.

These dogs have a lot in them to live for; their different characteristics show how sweet they are. Sadly, a human placed them in this position, and we all have to make sure at least they get the happiness they desire.

The organization has reclaimed more than 13,200 pets since 2007. You can access more data or adopt by visiting National Mill Dog Rescue.

And watch the video of the rescue’s homecoming.

Video: CBS Denver

Article Source: lifewithdogs

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