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10 Coolest Reasons to Buy Pet Insurance in 2020

There is no doubt in my mind that pet insurance for my dogs play an important role in helping me keep a healthy life.

With my dog signed up for a pet insurance policy I can now enjoy peace of mind. Now that’s healthy living for me!

Most of us love our dogs so much we do just anything to prove it to them.

We protect them from danger, feed them healthy meals and provide the best bed for them to feel comfortable in right?

That’s why I have a Pet Insurance policy for my amazing pup, to keep him protected from emergency situations I may not foresee happening.

In 2018, approximately 2.2 million pets in the U.S got covered by health insurance.

Considering the number counted the previous year, the numbers looked better with a percentage increase of 18% for the year 2018

However, 4% of dog handlers have insurance policies for their dogs. That’s worrisome if you ask me, considering the fact that dogs are considered to be a part of many families in the U.S.

Comparing to the U.K. and Sweden, which both have a percentage of 25% and 40% respectively, the U.S. is slacking behind.

North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA)’s executive director, Kristen Lynch, laments about how a country that adores pets so much has not accepted the idea of insuring their pets.

We usually suffer financially during emergency situations pertaining to our dogs.

Gus, a Boston terrier, had a couple of mast cell tumors in his arm and on his rump.

With such a condition, if not treated early, it could lead to cancer.

The tumors needed to be removed through surgery, which made the cost of treatment shoot through the roof!

In total, the veterinary bill amounted to $4278.32.

However, pet insurance reimbursed his owner with $3850.49.

Amazing right?

Here are reasons why I think signing up for pet insurance is a great move: 

The headache of paying vet bills

One exciting thing about signing up for pet insurance is your vet bills are taken care of.

Some companies cater to your dogs’ routine care, which will, in the long run, be very beneficial to your dogs.

Your dog gets to live longer

Regular and planned visits to your vet help your dog live healthier, happier, stronger, and longer.

As your dog ages, his health gets more complicated. So it’s essential to pay regular visits to your vet.

The benefit of using a special veterinary.

That is, you have the liberty to choose any vet of your preference. All you need to do is give the company the bill from your vet as well as other expenses.

Insurance companies even allow you to use the services of vets in other states and so you can take road trips without having to worry about seeing a vet. 

Pet insurance companies are not bias.

It is best to insure your pet the moment you adopt it. But you can also insure your pet anytime you are ready to. The breed or age of your dog does not really matter.  

Unexpected Vet Bills

Remember, I spoke about how my mind is at peace since I now have pet insurance for my dog? Well, here’s another point that supports my claim.

We signed up for insurance because we are unaware of what can happen in the future. Pet insurance comes in super handy during unexpected accidents and diseases.

Also, if things get much more severe and your dog needs surgery, your dogs’ insurance policy can cater for that.

Insuring your pet gives you peace of mind.

It gives you a wider range of treatments to choose from.

You are also not restricted by either your finances or that of your family.

Pet insurance companies mostly take up about 80% of the medical cost. Which is wonderful! 

It also gives you a reasonable budget plan for the health care of your pet.

You have the opportunity to decide how you want to pay the policy, whether annually, monthly, or quarterly.

You check through the payment list and make the decision on which you consider the best.

So you get to customize your insurance plan according to your needs and your budget.

A company like Spot Pet Insurance has different coverage plans for accidents, injuries, illnesses, and chronic conditions.

This is great for us dog lovers because now we can keep our dogs insured and protected.

Your family’s emergency fund is safe.

In the instance of a pet emergency, you do not have to go to your family emergency fund to take care of the bills. You can get a savings account for your pet, and be consistent in dropping an amount of money there.

Discounts for families with many pets.

This is good news! The more dogs you have, the less money you spend.

More pets are associated with more frequent visits to the vet and more medication throughout their lives. Insurance will make it worth it!

Euthanasia expenses.

Many dog lovers can’t stand to see their dogs go through excruciating pain due to an illness or terrible accident.

Some insurance companies cater for euthanasia to give your suffering dog a peaceful and painless passing.


Signing up for pet insurance for your dogs is a great move. You have a lot to benefit from having your dog insured.

Bottom line, your dog feels loved and protected and you will surely enjoy the peace of mind that I am relishing. 

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